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Buying a Home in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Finding and purchasing a property that meets your needs may be a difficult and stressful process. Our objective is for this process to be as painless as possible. We're local specialists, and once we figure out what you're searching for, finding your perfect house is as simple as devouring a slice of pizza.
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Here are some basic questions you should ask yourself before buying a new house:

What city would you like to reside in? Are there any neighborhoods or communities that you particularly enjoy or would rather steer clear of?

What type of home do you want or need?

Do you have a specific design in your mind?

What is your desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms?

For people working from home, is it necessary to have a home office? Would you appreciate an extra or flex room?

For people that have a lot of guests over the weekend, is a home that can accommodate plenty of guests something you're looking for?

Have you established your pricing range or sought advice from a lender to find the most appropriate price range?