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Pricing Your Home

Home valuation is both an art and a science. The best price is determined by a combination of objective research into comparable homes and a gut sense about your house and the current market.
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In any case, the “right” price should:

The simple reality is that pricing is the most important issue for most property buyers when deciding which properties to seek after. It’s also vital to keep in mind that, while you establish the price, the buyer ultimately determines the property’s worth. Try as much as possible not to let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment. Overpricing is a typical error that can cause your property to drastically lose its value, and cause you to lose good money in the long run. 

How It Works

The benefits of proper pricing

Faster sales and less hassles

With a Proper Price you will have more sales and faster grow as well. Keep the Optimal price and get faster sales.

More exposure to potential buyers

Best prices keep your property stands out and become the attraction of potential buyers.

Higher Offers

Try to keep a proper profit margin while considering the price of your property (the higher the demand, the higher the price).
What matters most is how your house compares to others presently on the market and those that have previously sold in your neighborhood. Buyers will compare prices.
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Here are some of the commonest reasons for overpricing

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Dangers of overpricing

The majority of the work on your house will take place in the first or second week. It's vital to price a house correctly to create immediate urgency in the eyes of brokers and buyers. Buyers who have seen the majority of available houses in their price range are hoping for the "right property" to come along. That is why a house that is priced correctly will sell quickly. The purchasers are eagerly anticipating it.

Don't start with a high price, thinking you'll be able to lower it later. It may be too late by the time you decide to slash the price since interests will have diminished. Also, lowering the price at a later time will send the wrong signals.

Appraisal issues are a key source of worry; overpricing can result in loan denials and lost time.

Even if your property is better than other properties in the region, there are higher chances that buyers won’t look your way.

When your property is up for sale for an extended period of time, buyers can become wary of it, believing that it may be defective or something.

Try to Avoid

Attracting the wrong buyers

Fewer buyers who are eligible will show interest.

Making additional mortgage payments while incurring taxes, insurance, and unanticipated maintenance charges might result in a loss of money.

Agents Role

The Roles of Real Estate Agents in Pricing

We will provide you with a comparative market analysis of recently sold homes that are similar in terms of location, style, and even facilities

There is no stipulated price for real estate. It doesn’t have an exact price. Your property is unique, and so is its price.

We don't tell you what we think your home is worth because we really can’t. Ultimately, the market determines the value. Factors like the location of the property, its condition, marketing time, and level of exposure all add or remove from the worth of your property.

We estimate your net proceeds and Help to determine offering incentives.

When your property is up for sale for an extended period of time, buyers can become wary of it, believing that it may be defective or something.