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First-Time Home Buyers

Here are some pieces of advice for you as a first-time buyer to avoid the typical mistakes that most first-timers make when buying their first home in Sterling Heights, Michigan. 


Know Your Budget

First things first, make sure you know your budget. Meet with a mortgage broker to determine how much you have to spare for your new home.


It is quite good to know your budget before anything, but that’s not all. Sellers will give more credence to buyers that have been pre-approved. Also, you will stand more chances of landing a deal that is out of your budget if you have been pre-approved. Pre-approval is when a buyer applies for a mortgage and obtains a written promise from a lender. Supposing the home you're interested in is priced at, below or even above the amount you pre-qualify for, the seller will at least know that you really mean business.

Make the Lists of What You Need and Want

Generally, it is advisable to make two lists. The first one should contain the must-haves that you expect from the house. Examples include the proximity to your workplace, the number of rooms, a one or two-story, etc. The second list should contain the things that you want, but are not dealbreakers if they are not present. E.g., den, flex room, pool, etc.

Representation by a Professional

Do not be tempted to do it by yourself. You will most likely make some blunders. It is better to get yourself a professional real estate agent that will be working for you, and not the seller.

Be Very Objective

When looking for a home, try to be objective as much as possible. Ask yourself critical questions like, “is this house suitable for my lifestyle? Does it fit my needs? Remember, there are a lot of other options for you to choose from.
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Points To Note

Make Sure to Keep the Following with You for Your Convenience:

Keep one or two detailed maps highlighting your area of interest with you

Keep a list of the properties your agent has shown you. If your agent sent them to you via social media, make sure to keep those chats accessible.

You also need a camera to take images of the homes you inspect. Your smartphone’s camera should do the job perfectly. But it’s not a crime to bring along a DSLR if you already have one.